Who we are

Grúas Ibisate

Ibisate was founded in Vitoria in 1958. Within 50 years we have become a reference Company in special transportation, load lifting, machinery rental and concrete pumping. Born as a family Company, Ibisate has become a benchmark of the national scene. Currently, there are three companies through which we develop our activity: Grúas Ibisate S.L., Transportes y Bombeos S.L. and Ibisate Técnicas de Elevación S.L.; and four headquarters in Vitoria, Burgos, Miranda and Guardo.

Due to continuous investment, we have gathered an extense fleet conformed by mobile cranes (up to 700 tons.), concrete pumps, truck cranes, transportation equipment and a wide range of load lifting machinery.

We design and carry out projects within wind and nuclear energy, industry, Public Works, harbours, special transportations and Civil Works.

  • Our mission is to enhance and investigate load lifting and load transportation areas in order to:
    • Provide the best posible service to our customers, ensuring their needs through a personalized service and always guaranteeing the safety and feasibility of the project.
    • Job train professionally competent and also socially responsible workers.
    • Create awareness around relevant isuess that brighten organisations and society in general.
  • Our vision is to become a benchmark that inspires and enables people and companies to develop innovative leadership in order to build a better future. 


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